In the Wise Words of Drunk Koya

Recorded November 2017 at Berklee
Original composition and recording
Engineering/mixing: Napata Khaopaisarn

Video/editing: Yuki Nakata  


An original composition for a chordless trio (bass and drums). I believe this project was a success as I was able to express my artistry, and received positive feedback from my mentors Danilo Perez, Terri Lyne Carrington, Tiger Okoshi, George Garzone, and others.

Some melodic fragments are transcriptions of spoken words by a friend, who I promised I would make a tune out of this. A lot of the compositional elements were inspired by Ornette Coleman.


Same recording session as above.

Conception: composition by George Shearing or Bud Powell

alto sax: Kei Matsumaru

bass: Charlie Lincoln

drums: Yair Amster

Jazz Life / Yamaha Interviews

There are very few scholarship opportunities for non-classical players in Japan, so as a student studying Jazz in Berklee and being supported by a Yamaha scholarship, I was interviewed by both Yamaha and a Japanese magazine--Jazz Life (a 2-page feature) to spread the word to potential non-classical applicants who may not know about this great opportunity. The Yamaha article is online and the article in Jazz Life can be found in the November 2017 issue.

Here is a link to the Yamaha interview:

YAMAHA Scholarship

April 2017~April 2020
Through an audition process, I was selected as one of the recipients of the Yamaha Scholarship from Japan. Each year, a financial aid of 100,000yen (930USD) per month (renewable for a period of 3 years) is awarded to selected young Japanese musicians both studying in country and abroad. 
Historically, this award has been given mostly to classical musicians; however, as I was chosen as a Jazz saxophonist studying in a non-classical music school, this lead to the interviews shown above.



A link to an article about the awarding ceremony: